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Own the game
Life can be difficult. Do we want to moan about them or solve them? Do we blame our lives for being unfair, whine and resigned to fate? We cannot solve life’s problems except by solving them. Hope is not a strategy. We have to take responsibility to solve the problem.
Own the game.

Embracing the finiteness of life and what remains
A keystone post that I do update as I age and understand life better.
It begins with a simple idea but it becomes a very difficult post. I learn a lot from writing this post myself especially after pondering more and more about The Death Paradox: You must know your death in order to truly live your life.

8 unforgettable experiences from living overseas
Living overseas was definitely one of the most memorable experiences that everyone should go for.

The races and journey of life
Life is not about a race for grades followed by the corporate rat race and then, retirement. Life needs not be a race that everyone else is running to. Rather, it is about defining and living on our own terms.

An important and paradoxical principle for parents: Don’t make your kid’s life easy 
Money is a magnifier. Having the right values and character are critical, they have to be inculcated from young. With the right character and attitude, money can multiply and bring benefits to society at large. Without the right values and character, having money will magnify the character’s weaknesses and do more harm to himself and the family.

Unused and under-used items worth selling and buying
Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace is a good place to find good bargains and to sell our unused and under-used. It has become my top marketplace to buy and sell.