📈 Investing

Here, I arrange and categorise my posts to navigate readers through my blog.

Getting started 🏁

One thing I do that transforms my investment/trading journey
This transforms my investing journey. Yes, it is about starting investing journal. It was about owning the game and taking investing as a business venture. As I recorded, I know myself and I improve and compound thereon.

A cheat sheet to jump-start a profitable investing journey
It is difficult to learn about investment alone and worse, incur losses as part of learning. Find ways to jump-start. I am glad that I found gurus along the way to learn from and guide me through the journey.

Strategies 📝

Multi-baggers with growth companies 
A keystone post on investing. Buy well, buy low, keep validating and hold long of growth companies has been my main strategy. It explains my approach and rationale for investing in growth companies. Companies that can grow consistently over a long period will see their share price appreciate substantially. It is possible and rewarding in the longer term.

What should investors do when markets are crashing??!!
A keystone post on investing. Do not waste a crisis to learn and profit.
A post to add rationality to ponder on during market crashes. It is a time to evaluate our portfolio and take a disciplined and principled approach to buy/add high-quality companies and sell low-quality companies.

Managing losses: A very important skill that investors and traders must have
The ability to manage losses is essential. Else, losses will be sucking out our hard-earned profits and worse, our capital.

A trading set-up: Bottom-fishing
For quick trading profits and/or to add long-term positions on the dip, bottom fishing trades occur when stocks drop sharply. Before we bottom fish, we need to ascertain a few things, search for collateral damage and be patient to look for signals.

Books 📚

The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier
Know yourself. Be yourself and be the best of yourself. Aware of the irrational brain. Beyond you to others.

The Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai
Low-risk, high return and uncertainty + few bets, big bets, infrequent bets are the way to go; refreshing and can be contrary to conventional wisdom. 

Nothing But Net by Mark Mahaney
10 lessons by legendary tech analyst, Mark Mahaney

Everyone is different 🧑 👧👱👩‍🦰

Everyone needs to have their own investment strategy to succeed.
Having our own strategy is important. Everyone is different in terms of their interests in investing, risk preference, financial situation, life goals etc. It is better to understand and use their opinions as references than follow in blind faith.

These are not strategies. Everyone defines them differently. We need to develop our own strategy which we are comfortable with.
The great investing myth (1): Buy low, sell high
The great investing myth (2): Buy and hold
The great investing myth (3): Know macro investing + Predict the future 
The great investing myth (4): Dividends matter 
The great investing myth (5): Concentration versus diversification

The great investing myth (6): Being right